Luis Vazquez

About Luis Vazquez

You’re here because you’ve listened to my podcast, you’ve come across Mighty Introvert, you’ve watched Authentic Pivots, or you’re interested in my full-stack development work.

Regardless of your reason, I’m honored.

The internet is crowded now more than ever. Everyone wants your attention. Noise has become the default.

You’ve chosen to invest your precious time into reading this page. That makes me feel special.

So, thank you for stalking me online.

I won’t lie, writing an “About Me” page is awkward. I guess I could have someone write it for me but it’s not that serious.

Look, if you really want to know who I am, then join me for a digital cup of coffee via my weekly newsletter.

It’s the best way to get to know me. Plus, I want to get to know you too. The newsletter helps us get to know each other.

Hope we see each other in each other’s inbox soon.


PS — You can always DM me on Instagram too at @luiscreates.