Everything New Plant Owners Should Know With Maranta Plant Shop

Do you struggle with keeping house plants alive? Learn the basics of integrating plants into your home.

Do you struggle with keeping house plants alive? Learn the basics of integrating plants into your home.

Episode Notes

In March of 2020, quarantine was brand new to the world.

For most people, that meant spending more time at home than they ever had before. A natural challenge of not being able to leave home is creating a living space in which you can both work and relax.

Something I lack in my living space is houseplants.

I have only but one small aloe vera plant that a friend gifted me recently.

When I polled my Instagram followers, I was surprised to learn about the way plants have contributed to people’s lives. Turns out, I’ve been missing out by not having house plants.

So I thought it would be a good idea to create an episode about everything plants. This way, we can all learn how to integrate a little bit more of mother nature into our homes.

In this episode, you’ll listen to a conversation with Enrique “Mag” Rodriguez and Michelle Alfaro.

They’ve co-founded Maranta Plant Shop, the first Black & Brown-owned plant shop located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

They amazingly started their business during the pandemic. Their plant shop is committed to helping people of color with their mental health by reconnecting them to mother nature via house plants.

They’ve also made it a point to reclaim origin stories along with the original names plants were given by indigenous people. You know, before they were European colonizers renamed plants. 

Everything about Maranta Plant Shop is dope. 

If you’re a plant newbie or you’re a plant parent looking to level up in caring for your house plants, then you’ll like this interview. 

We talk about all kinds of things like:

  • Best plants for newbies
  • Common mistakes plant owners make
  • When to repot a plant
  • How to propagate
  • Ideal placement and temperature for plants in a home

And plenty more, not to mention their inspiring story of starting a plant shop in the midst of the pandemic. 

Enjoy the interview with Mag and Michelle from Maranta Plant Shop.

Episode Timeline

Conversation Topics
04:50Favorite plants 07:15Why the name “Maranta” Plant Shop? 09:45Best plants for beginner plant parents 11:52Remedies for plant bugs 13:07Overwatering plants 14:27Choosing pots for your plants 16:20Repotting plants 17:00Fertilizing plants 18:17Ideal temperatures for house plants 20:19Best placement and lighting for house plants 32:21Propagating 24:14Benefits of having house plants 30:51Common mistakes plant owners make 33:09Plants newbies should avoid 35:03Specific advice for Luis 36:30Pets and plants 40:08How the plant shop started 47:30About Michelle 50:13About Mag 51:20Future of Maranta Plant Shop and announcement 59:02Subtle ways we work against ourselves 103:03Wrap-up

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